Cooperative importing

We work with the same farmer partners year after year and buy their coffee through our co-owned importing cooperative.This way we can work directly with our farmer partners and cut out the middlemen.
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Long-Term Partnerships From Crop To Cup

“Sweet Brewnette and Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company have a relationship built over great coffee. It was 2013 when our relationship began, just shortly after we opened our window on our food truck. Since then we have grown together and created personalized blends with their master roasters. Working with them has always felt like a family and we look forward to many more years together.” -Vicki Ferrari, owner
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Thriving Coffee Commumity

We don't just want you as our customer, we want to partner with you. With you, we can complete a chain that runs from farmer to end coffee drinker that puts people and planet on the same level of importance as financial profit.
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100% organic and fair trade

In 1998, we co-founded Cooperative Coffees– the only member-owned green bean importing cooperative in North America. We directly source high-quality, organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee directly from the farmers we have known for years.
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  • Direct, long-term relationships with farmer partners
  • Fresh, small-batch-roasted
  • USDA certified organic
  • Fair Trade and Shade Grown
  • Specialty grade Arabica
  • Single origins, blends, and espressos
  • Natural water process decafs
  • Light, Medium, Full City, Viennese and French roasts
  • 12oz, 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb bags
  • Can help with equipment needs
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Meticulous Quality Control

  • Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee
  • Pre-Ship + Landed Sample approval before we purchase green coffee
  • Professional cupping team evaluation of every lot
  • Selection of coffees based on relationship with trading partners, coffee characteristics, and quality
  • Daily all team quality control and tastings
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Great customer service

Our Customer Service team is friendly, helpful, and easy to work with. We will make sure you always have what you need when you need it!
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What sets us apart

  • Florida's go-to 100% fair trade, organic specialty coffee company
  • Certified B Corp
  • Located in Gainesville, Florida
  • Cooperative coffee importer and roaster
  • 3 cents for every lb purchased supports collaborations with our farmer partners
  • Our coffee is high quality and delicious
  • We partner with coffee houses, markets, cafes and restaurants, food service and more
  • We roast your coffee to order
  • Generally a 2-3 business day order turnaround
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Allied Products

We offer a range of eco-friendly products to complement your coffee offerings. From compostable cups and lids to teas, smoothies, and syrups, we have you covered.
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