Ethiopia – SCFCU

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Two SCFCU farmers pose holding red coffee cherries.


Founded in 2001, comprised of 80,000 members

Geographic Region

Sidama Region


1,700 - 1,950 meters above see level


Arabica - Heirloom


Organic; FLO

Coffee Profile

Citric acidity, full body and lasting flavors of lemon zest, bergamot and bitter cocoa

Current Lot

ETS2303 (click icon to view)

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Amount Purcased

3175 lbs from this lot

Since its establishment in 2001, SCFCU has steadfastly pursued its mission to provide resources for coffee processing, marketing, and credit needs, facilitating the direct export of coffee from southern Ethiopia. Today, SCFCU encompasses 46 cooperatives and supports over 80,000 farmers, producing more than 10,000 tons of organic Arabica coffee annually.

Cooperative Coffees began purchasing coffee from SCFCU in 2009, fostering direct relationships with several member cooperatives, including Shilcho, Homacho Waeno, Talamo, Bona, Abela Galuko, and Fero. Besides coordinating coffee processing and export operations, SCFCU also offers financial management programs to help producers meet their budgetary needs throughout the year.

Washed Arabica coffee constitutes 95% of SCFCU’s production, known for its distinctive acidity and medium body. In contrast, their natural process coffee features lower acidity and a rich, full body. The diverse landscapes within the SCFCU region contribute to a variety of flavor profiles, including notes of red fruits, blueberry, and bitter cocoa. Yirgacheffe coffees, grown at higher altitudes within SCFCU, are characterized by notes of lemon zest and bergamot. The harvest season spans from September to December, beginning at lower altitudes. SCFCU received Fair Trade certification in 2003.

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