Mexico – Maya Vinic

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A Maya Vinic farmer in his field


Founded in 1999, comprised of 500 members

Geographic Region

The highlands of Chiapas (Acteal)


900-1400 meters above sea level


Arabica - Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Bourbon


Organic; FLO

Coffee Profile

Citric acidity, medium body, milk chocolate, almond, honey flavors

Current Lot

MEV2303 (click icon to view)

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Amount Purcased

1216.96 lbs from this lot

The Union de Productores Maya Vinic was created in 1999 by members of Las Abejas, a Tztotzil Mayan group focused on peace and justice through non-violent means. This cooperative was formed following a tragic incident in December 1997, where a paramilitary group brutally killed 45 of their members, mostly women and children, during a church service.

Maya Vinic was established to honor the land sanctified by the martyred Abejas and to continue the tradition of preserving Mayan heritage and reverence for Mother Earth. Currently, the cooperative includes 500 coffee-producing families, organized under a General Assembly. Their mission is to educate members and expand the commercialization of their agricultural products to continually enhance the living conditions of their community.

By forming their cooperative, Maya Vinic producers managed to overcome the persistent challenge of bringing their coffee to market. With their combined resources, they could bypass exploitative local intermediaries, allowing them to sustain their livelihoods, invest in their trade, and support their communities while maintaining traditional Mayan values and cultural practices. Fair Trade premiums have supported regional community development, and Maya Vinic offers educational programs, technical and administrative assistance, marketing, and arbitration services through Community Delegates. Additionally, the organization produces and sells honey, handmade textiles, and manages a café in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

Maya Vinic's farmers are spread throughout Chiapas, Mexico, a highlands region at altitudes of 900 to 1,400 meters above sea level. The cooperative grows Typica, Caturra, Mundo Novo, and Bourbon varieties of Arabica coffee. Maya Vinic coffee is distinctive to the Chiapas region, featuring a medium body, bright citrus acidity, and flavors of milk chocolate, almond, honey, and an aroma of dried fruit. The cooperative earned Fair Trade certification in 2001 and Organic certification in 2006.

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