A Laotian farmer processes his coffee on his farm


When our supply of Laotian coffee ran out last year we heard from several of you. The overwhelming sentiment was that this coffee was one of our more uniques single origins and we were pleasantly surprised with how popular it became. After battling some production volume issues, CPC has once again sent us some of our best and we love it. In celebration of getting some more of this limited offering, we wanted to tell you a little bit about them.

Situated atop the elevated terrain in the southern region of Lao, the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative, abbreviated as CPC, was established in 2007 with the generous backing of the French Agency for Development. The primary objective was to secure improved market access for small-scale coffee producers who had, until then, relied heavily on local intermediaries and suffered from low prices. Notably, CPC has forged enduring partnerships with CAFEMA of Switzerland and Malongo of France, and for the past few years, with our importing cooperative Co-op Coffees.

CPC exudes a great enthusiasm for cultivating collaborations within the American and Canadian markets while maintaining a resolute commitment to enhancing the quality of their coffee offerings. With unwavering support from the French Agency for Development, each processing facility in the villages is exceptionally well-equipped. Each washing station is furnished with the requisite machinery for pulping cherries and for the efficient washing and drying of parchment, ensuring the highest possible quality. Their meticulous tracking system is equally sophisticated. Prior to the beans’ journey to the dry mill, each bag is meticulously labeled with information including weight, village of origin, moisture content after drying, the date it was placed on drying beds, and the date it was removed from drying beds before being bagged for storage. CPC boasts a dedicated and steadfast team that is tirelessly committed to improving the livelihoods of the farmers and meeting the expectations of their valued customers.

CPC produces three very distinct styles of coffee, all with very unique flavor profiles:

  1. Fully Washed Arabica: CPC’s fully washed arabica beans feature a sweet aroma of chocolate and nougat with notes of vanilla and cream. This coffee is delicate on the taste buds with a full body and a light acidity.
  2. Fully Washed Peaberry Arabica: Exhibiting a profile similar to the aforementioned variety but with a slightly more delicate disposition. These peaberries offer a mild acidity, a silky body, and sweet flavors reminiscent of brown sugar, caramel, milk chocolate, raisin, and nutmeg.
  3. Natural Processed Robusta: CPC also stands as a dependable supplier of natural processed robusta coffee. This variety is characterized by its herbal and nutty essence, infused with hints of cocoa powder. It features a subdued acidity, a syrupy body, and a brisk finish.

As we have in the past, we carry their fully washed coffee. We love its delicate and balanced flavor and we think you will too. Check it out and taste coffee from one of the most unique specialty coffee producing countries out there.

A Laotian farmer processes his coffee on his farm
A Laotian farmer processes his coffee on his farm

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